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Chosun Refractories Co. Ltd.(YGR)

Since its foundation in 1947, Chosun Refractories has been evolving in tandem with national infra industry including steel-manufacturing and cement and recently extended its marketing activities to power-generating units, petrochemistry, nonferrous metals and incineration units.

  • Address : 55 Saneop-ro Kwangyang-si Jeollanam-do (Taein-dong)
  • Tel : +82-61-798-8114
  • Fax : +82-61-792-2139
Korea Sintered Metal Co.Ltd.

Equipped with automated devices, modernized facilities and superior development capacities, Korea Sintered Metal specializes in auto parts, e. g. engines, transmissions, car coolers and ABS, and home appliances, e. g. refrigerators and air-conditioner compressors. It is expanding its market while being credited for quality and technology by major car makers including Hyundai, Kia, Asia and Ssangyong and electronics giants such as Samsung, LG and Daewoo.

  • Address : 43 87-gil Nongong-eup Dalseong-gun Daegu
  • Tel : +82-53-610-0700
  • Fax : +82-53-610-0701
  • Homepage : www.iksm.co.kr

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Samhan Co.Ltd.

Initially leading the domestic auto sintering industry with Mitsubishi Metal’s technology, Samhan has secured price competitiveness and technical competencies in auto parts for general structures, home appliances, agricultural machinery and industrial parts. Samhan has the only vacuum sintering furnace in Korea and differentiates technology for SUS and high-temperature abrasion resistant special alloys. As a major local developer of high-temperature abrasion-, heat- and oxidation-resisting parts, it forges competitive edge and quality with SQIP(Samhan Quality Innovation Projects).

  • Address : 84 Yeondeok-ro Ungnam-dong Seongsan-gu Chang won-si Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Tel : +82-55-285-0041
  • Fax : +82-55-282-0144,0844
  • Homepage : www.samhanltd.co.kr

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Daehan Ceramics Co.Ltd

Daehan initiated local production of high-quality refractory materials, e.g. sintered alumina and spinel, for local refractories companies, achieving import substitution effects up to $25 million. To drive the 21st-century cutting-edge refractory industry, Daehan started to build a melting alumina plant in April 1996 and completed it in June 1997. Melting alumina is an artificial synthetic material widely used as a primary material for fine ceramics.

  • Address : 128 Daebulsandan 2-ro Samho-eup Youngam-gun Jeollanam-do
  • Tel : +82-61-469-3200
  • Fax : +82-61-462-9675
  • Homepage : www.dh-c.co.kr

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Hwasun Country Club Co.Ltd.

The 27-hole and 27-color golf course on a 465k-Pyeong site in Ssangok-li Dogok-myeon Hwasun-gun Jeollanam-do is a prestigious country club highly complimented by golf lovers. As a membership-based prestige golf club with high-end services for 900 members, the club was renamed Club 900 on December 19, 1995.

  • Address : 1000-151 Cheontai-ro Dogok-myeon Hwasun-gunJeollanam-do
  • Tel : +82-61-373-9955
  • Fax : +82-61-370-4287
  • Homepage : www.hwasuncc.co.kr

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Anshan Pohang Ceramics Co.Ltd.(ACR)

As a joint Korean-Chinese corporation founded on September 25, 2003, ACR draws on advanced technology and scientific management skills as well as unparalleled services to manufacture and sell leading high-quality products locally and globally. ACR is deeply grateful for your support and committed to developing Chinese refractories and steel industries.

  • Address : Ganquan Town Haicheng City Liaoning Province, China
  • Tel : 86-412-353-3933
  • Fax : 86-417-353-3959
Yingkou Guangyang Refractories Co. Ltd.(YGR)

Founded in August 1999 as CR’s first Korean-Chinese joint corporation, YGR is located in Daesukkyo City Lianing Province China and specializes in MgO-C, Al2O3-MgO-C and Al2O3-SiC-C-based bricks with its annual production capacity reaching 45K tonnes. With its 2000TON VF/press and quality materials, YGR has forged quality and price competitiveness. Credited for its superior quality control system underscored by the ISO 9002 certification, YGR provides its products for Japanese, US, Russian, Korean and Indonesian clientele.

  • Address : Geumgyo Development Zone Daesukkyo City LiaoningProvince China
  • Tel : 86-417-521-1458
  • Fax : 86-417-521-1004
Zhangjiagang Pohang Refractories Co. Ltd.(ZPR)

ZPR is a joint corporation founded by CR and POSREC (50:50) in Zhangjiagang City Kiangsu Province China to supply Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Company (ZPSS) with refractories and furnace materials for its stable operation of stainless steel production facility. Growing up together as competitors in Korea, CR and POSREC have now evolved into partners in Chinese market, creating a synergy effect in exploitation of overseas markets with their superior technology, quality and service.

  • Address : Zhangjiagang City Jiangsu Province China
  • Tel : 86-512-5853, 7868, 6407
  • Fax : 86-512-5853, 7870
CCR Co. Ltd

Founded by CR on March 1st, 2016 CCR is an independent corporation located in Qingdao City Shandong Province China. The company is to secure stable supply and quality control of refractories in China, serving as a bridgehead for developing new refractories business and market opportunities in the country.

  • Address : Shinanqu Qingdao City Shandong Province China
  • Tel : 532-8502-8327
  • Fax : 532-8502-6297

IPCR is a joint corporation founded by CR and POSCO CHEMTECH (70:30) in Cilegon City Indonesia as a base for exploitation of Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. The company specializes in refractories manufacturing, sales and service.

  • Address : Cilegon Indonesia
  • Tel : 62-254-258-4465, 4461, 4462
  • Fax : 62-254-258-4469